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Welcome to Tychicus Ministries, Inc., serving those who serve!

Tychicus Ministries is a member care based ministry reaching out to English speaking missionaries and missionary kids. We are a 501(c)3, not for profit organization. Our mission is to keep the missionary strong and healthy: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In a study completed by the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance to understand the factors that contribute and/or hinder retaining full time missionaries (3+ years). 

The top four factors for missionaries attaining their objectives in ministry were:

1. Development of good relationships/team

2. Commitment to the ministry

3. Effective leadership with good supervision and accountability

4. Clear objectives, goals and expectations that are agreed upon

The factors that hinder most missionaries from attaining their field objectives

1. Lack of finances

2. Family issues

The top four reasons given for retaining missionaries revolve around good member care.  Member care is providing input and support to global missionaries and their families.

It is a fundamental need in every individual for relationship; we desire it.  Tychicus Ministries provides support, hope and relationship to our unsung heroes of the faith.  Imagine being in another country, leaving your family, your culture and everything that is familiar behind. Every waking moment is in service to others.  Most of your relationships are one sided.

This is the life of a missionary.  They sacrifice their lives in service to others.  Some misunderstand the purpose of a missionary, many think a missionary's sole motivation is to convert a person's spiritual condition.

Most certainly a missionary has hope of making an eternal significance in a person's life: however their work is so much more than this.  Their 'whole' motivation is to show the love of Christ to a lost and dying world.  They serve the community as teachers, mentors, helpers, hope-givers.  Many times they are the first responder in a time of crisis in country.

We 'serve those who serve' by field conferences, personal one on one visits, stateside care and consistent communications with the whole family.


site source:

Van Meter, Jim US ReMAP II. US Report of Findings on Missioanry Retention. Web World Evangelicals, December 2003 Web. <> .


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Serving those who serve!

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