"If you need a team to work with children or lead in worship or in some other 'helping ministry.' I recommend you consider them.  They have been very intentional about establishing their ministry after researching the needs are serious about serving workers in a sensitive way.  They do not come in to 'do their own thing.' Rather their approach is to listen to workers and serve according to the need."

-Chuck Sutton Former Director of Training Resources of World Team Ministries


Our vision is that missionaries feel supported, loved, encouraged and refreshed with a sense of renewed strength and focus in ministry.  That the TCK (Third Culture Kid) understands their unique opportunities and their identity as a child of God.  And that the missionary organizations value the specialized care provided by Tychicus Ministries, Inc.  Ready to take the next step?  You can be a contributor to our cause, a recipient of our ministry, or a participant.


Our Teams

We serve conferences, providing support staff for the sending agency's conference.  Our support teams are comprised of youth pastors, children's pastors, music ministers, specialized teachers and speakers to bring support to the conference needs.  We recruit excellent team members to support the need requested.  We also make special one on one visits to missionaries when requested. 

We have a variety of ways you can give.  We accept on-line payments through your bank account or credit card via PayPal or through ACH with E-GIVE. You can make a one time gift a reoccurring gift. See our donate page for more details. 

We are recruiting members for our teams serving in 2020 and 2021.  If you are interested in serving please contact us or click the hands above for an application. 

Providing encouragement through spiritual and emotional support to missionaries and TCKs (Third Culture Kids) in a tangible way, keeping them strong as they serve.

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