Expand Our Reach


Tychicus Ministries is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.  We keep our monthly operating costs very low.  From our inception, our goal was to serve the missionary without putting any additional financial burden on their shoulders. 

Any gift would be appreciated, no gift is too small. Your contributions to our general fund will serve to help us continue to serve those who serve.

Ways To Give

ONLINE: We have a variety of ways you can give.  We accept on-line payments through your bank account or credit card via PayPal.  You can make a one time gift a reoccurring gift. See 'donate' button below.

MAIL: Make checks out to Tychicus Ministries, Inc. and send to Tychicus Ministries, Inc. 1601 W. Knilans Road, Janesville, WI 53546.

SMILE-AMAZON: Let your purchases on Amazon make a difference.  Go to Smile.amazon.com and select Tychicus Ministries, Inc. EIN#27-2766675 and you will donate while you shop.

Giving to a specific person team or project:

Our team members rely on the faithful giving of individuals, businesses and churches. Tychicus Ministries, Inc. has a unique situation in that our team members are 'tent-makers'.  This allows them to stay current in their God-gifted talents while they dedicate their 'free' time to serve those who serve.  Your gift allows them to have the freedom to serve conferences and keep relationships consistent for the missionary and their families.

Just indicate on your payment in the comment section where you would like your donation to go: the general fund, Mike, Shelley, a specific Team or a specific project.


Each team members average cost per trip is between $2,000.00 to $3,500.00.  Costs include air and ground travel, food and lodging, and supplies for the team.  If you support the mission but don't have the ability to go for various reasons consider being a donor. 

By donating funds you partner with team members to fulfill our mission.


Here are some suggestions:

$50 'Care package' donation - Provides the funds to purchase supplies needed for missionary care package or materials for children's programs

$500 Housing donation - pay for the housing for a team member while on a trip

$1000 Caring flight donation - pay a portion of the average airfare for a team member going on a trip

$2500 complete team member sponsorship - pay for the full expenses of one of our team members