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Hindsight 20/20

I wanted to personally thank you for your support through the years.  This year has only solidified the need for community.  We were created to be in community, and we see how God has weaved community throughout the Scriptures. God’s covenant is His commitment to creation.  We enter that covenant as believers, to be friends with God and to enter into communion with God and all of creation.  In this way we show the glory of God. 

Tychicus is called to be a faithful friend and servant to the missionary.  Our role is to partner with the missionary to serve them in tangible ways.  Helping them stay strong as they serve.  We do this by supporting them emotionally and physically for longevity and fruitfulness.  We serve them in conferences by providing quality care for their children and youth as well as other ancillary support in the conferences.  Sometimes we do personal visits to the missionary and their family.  Sometimes it's providing a place for them to stay while they are in the states. 

Some of our dear friends, this year, have shared with us how our relationship has impacted them.  Ministry can be a very lonely place.  One dear friend told us that she finally felt like she was seen. Too many times ministers serve until their strength is depleted.  Everyone needs to know they are valuable and that they matter.

Thank you for allowing that to happen.  Our board pulled the pieces together that you see above, to provide a snapshot of your dollars at work.  We are grateful to partner with you and hope to continue through the years. 

We have a few new avenues that we are working on to enrich some of the ways we will serve the missionaries in the future.  I look forward to sharing with you some of those details we hope in the future. As always, we will strive to make sure your dollars are used to make the biggest impact on the missionaries as possible.

If you are interested in making a year end donation, please use our online platform, click the donation button below.  Or you are welcome to send donations to: Tychicus Ministries, Inc. 1601 W. Knilans Road, Janesville, WI 53546. 

Merry Christmas to you. I pray your season is filled with joy!
Janet Bales